Commercial mediation

Commercial representation is a service in which Abacco HR performs legal action on behalf of and at the expense of its clients in achieving their commercial and investment goals. On your behalf, we will find what you are looking for at the most advantageous terms. The service offered is valid for the territory of Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey.

What does the service include?

– as your mediator, we find the product or service you are looking for at the best price and under the best possible conditions;

– we organize logistics and transportation to your warehouse;

– we make sure you will not pay anything you will not get;

– we negotiate on your behalf on preset criteria;

– we negotiate on the manufacturer’s language;

– we keep you in touch with the negotiations and wait for your opinion and guidance;

– we provide mediation in payments in accordance with the conditions specified by you (escrow management).

When can you use our services?

– in the absence of information on the prices, quality and competitiveness of the product, raw material or service you require;

– when you search for large quantities and you need a reasonable price;

– if you wish to save financial resources for research and on-site investigation of your investment;

– if you are unable and you are lacking enough time to get acquainted with the market, customs and culture of the country.

What are the benefits of the service?

– save time;

– save money;

– save your nerves.

The commercial brokerage agreement is a service whereby Abaco HR provides its customers with various goods and services such as: building materials (cement, adhesives, tiles, plaster, sheets, profiles, parquets, etc.), containers (storage, living, sanitary, etc.), lifts, halls, metal constructions, wrought iron items, details for the heavy industry, and manufacture of specific products for the heavy industry.
When looking for the right things, Abaco HR chooses the best for you and takes care of your interests.

Please send a request and we will answer how we may be useful to you.
Offering quality services to our clients, we create not only long-term partnership relationships but also friendships.