Investment consulting

Investment consulting is a service where Abaco HR provides professional advice to its clients in the business planning of an investment. The realization of an investment, both in the business and in person, is related to conducting pre-market research and financial assumptions. Abaco HR provides assistance particularly in the performance of these studies.
The offered service is valid only for the territory of Bulgaria.

What is included in the service?

– identify, develop and manage projects or project consulting;

– project consulting, including from feasibility studies to the full realization of a project, architectural and interior solutions, restructuring and area optimization;

– managerial and strategic consulting in order to achieve a good market positioning of an investment.

– market consulting, including market research, relevant to the objectives of the investor, taking into account the economic, social and political factors, geographical features, planned features of the settlement and development strategy, regulation, use, market viability, market competitiveness;

When can you use our services?

– when you need competence for the local conditions in which you want to invest;

– if you are not familiar with the pitfalls in Bulgaria;

– when you want your investment to be implemented successfully, quickly and efficiently;

– when you can not afford to be away longer from the state, in which your primary business is;

– when looking for reliable partners;

– when you want to develop on the Bulgarian market;

– when you want to use low corporate taxation;

– when you want a better price for a product made in Europe.

What are the benefits of the service?

– economic awareness, legal awareness and use of Abacco HR network of contacts with local companies;

– helps you deal with the inconveniences of the heavy legislation and the unclear regulatory framework;

– prevents waste of time and financial resources through synchronized and pre-planned action of professionals engaged by Abaco HR.

The Investment Advisory Contract is a service that ensures the achievement of the objectives of each investor, namely: preparation and implementation of a concept and strategy; successful realization of the investment within the set timeframe and at the desired rate of return; achieving market positioning in investment management.

When you organize and control your investment, Abaco HR makes “impossible” to achieve the necessary for you and your goals and to take care of your interests.

Please send a request and we will amswer how we may be useful to you.
Offering quality services to our clients, we create not only long-term partnership relationships but also friendships.