Outsourcing is a service whereby you outsource a specific activity, which will be organized and performed entirely by Abaco HR. This will relieve you from administrative tasks supporting your core business and will optimize your budget. The terms of the service are agreed by a contract between Abaco HR and your company.

For both those services Abaco HR is responsible for the payroll management and the communication with the tax and other authorities.

What are the advantages of the service ?

  • outsourcing of all activities associated with human resource management;
  • saving costs related to the recruitment of staff engaged in this activity;
  • saving costs of workstation equipment, hardware and specialized software;
  • saving costs related to obtaining legal advice and consultation;
  • no further need to constantly follow and comply with the changes in the labour and social security legislation;
  • possibility to hire in any and all circumstances – full time or non-standard time, for a fixed period, etc.
  • quality assurance of the selection process and minimizing the risk of hiring unsuitable candidates: opportunity to first familiarize yourselves with the employees specially selected for you and only later to have them leased to you permanently without having to take any risk in advance;
  • avoiding any undermining of the corporate image in case of staff dismissals;
  • paying only for actual hours worked;
  • maintaining a flexible number of employees depending on the needs of the company.
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