Staff Leasing

Leasing is a service that provides an opportunity to recruit people who officially have a contractual relationship with Abaco HR, although actually work in your company. The service is contracted by Abaco HR and your company, and the relationships with the employees are governed by a contract between them and Abaco HR.

What is included in the service?

– Payroll administration and communication with tax and other authorities is a commitment of Abaco HR;

– the provision of qualified specialists, which can be provided according to the client’s requirements: for part-time work or for work for a certain period of time, set by the client;

– Abacco HR will allow you to manage your staff in an operative manner and according to your needs. The long process of recruitment, redundancy, salary will no longer be your obligation.

When you can use our services?

– in the absence of staff involved in keeping a payroll in the company and the following difficulties in completing all formalities in according to current labor law;

– for temporary projects, requiring additional human resources: promotions and marketing campaigns, seasonal work, temporary assignments;

– in lack of employees for a longer period of time due to illness, pregnancy, birth or maternity;

– for companies that would not be profitable if they were recruiting staff themselves;

– to reduce the administrative burden on HR specialists in the company;

– to avoid unnecessary costs related to staffing.

What are the benefits of the service?

– the possibility of hiring in all conditions: regular, part-time or irregular working hours for a certain period, etc.;

– ensuring the quality of the selection and minimize the risk of inappropriate employment: you have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with specially selected employees first and only later they will be available to work for you;

– Your corporate image is not damaged when you fire staff;

– pay only for actual hours worked;

– maintaining a flexible number of employees according to your company’s needs;

– you can hire groups of seasonal workers; additional workers during peak load; workers needed to launch a new product; workers for long-term work.

The contract for leasing personnel is a service in which Abaco HR provides its qualified employees for temporary “use” of the client. These workers are the subject of the customer’s work schedule, they have workplaces in the offices and premises of the client, but receive their monthly salary from Abaco HR. Sometimes there are cases when the customer fired their employees and Abaco HR sign them up in their staff so that employees continue to perform their normal duties while they are hired by Abaco HR.
When outsourcing, Abaco HR selects one of the most skilled employees for you and takes care of your interests.

Please send a request and we will answer how we may be useful to you.
Offering quality services to our clients, we create not only long-term partnership relationships but also friendships.